Package Info

Produce Pack ($10)**

December 2019

**Due to fluctuating pricing on the bulk produce market, contents subject to change.

Meat pack contents will vary by location and may change day to day. Below are examples of what may come in the meat packs. Visit a sale near you to see what comes in the meat packs that day!

 Mega Meat Pack ($25)

Package contents vary by location and will contain 7-9 frozen meat items.

Below is an EXAMPLE Mega Meat pack.

Mega Meat Pack

 Mini Meat Pack ($11)

Package contents vary by location and will contain 3-5 frozen meat items. This pack is pork free.

Below is an EXAMPLE Mini Meat pack.

Mini Meat Pack

 Combo Pack ($20)

Save $1.00 by combining the Mini Meat and Produce Packs!

Below is an EXAMPLE Combo Pack.

Combo Pack