Fare For All began in Minnesota in 1986 as Fare Share, part of a nationwide network of Cooperative Food Purchasing programs. It was run locally by Ramsey Action Program (RAP), a non-profit in St. Paul. RAP started Fare Share to encourage volunteerism and stretch food budgets.  When it first began, there were twenty host sites; this number grew to over two hundred sites in a five year period!

The program experienced some tough times in the mid 1990’s due to high rental and food costs. In August of 2002 RAP asked Emergency Foodshelf Network (now The Food Group) to take over Fare Share.

The program was renamed to “Fare for All” and in 2007, a new version of the program called Fare For All Express was created. This is the “stop & shop” model Fare for All still follows today. This model enabled customers to purchase food packages without ordering and paying in advance. Today, there are 38 Fare for All stop & shop locations, as well as nearly 20 pre-order, pre-pay locations!

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