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Fare For All is looking for a new Program Coordinator
Job summary: The Fare For All Coordinator is a person who thrives in working on multiple projects at the same time. Your principle responsibility will be leading and facilitating Fare For All distributions at numerous sites on a weekly basis.  Responsibilities include money handling, recordkeeping, providing volunteer support and assisting site leaders to increase program participation through the scheduling of Community Leadership Teams throughout the year.   Consistent communication with site leaders, volunteers and participants will ensure that client’s needs are met and that The Food Group’s foundational values of health and equity are present at all Fare For All sites.


Fare For All welcomes individuals, families and groups to volunteer with us throughout the year, either at our New Hope warehouse or out at our sites. We have many volunteer opportunities available! Visit our volunteer presentation to learn more about volunteering with Fare for All!

To volunteer with Fare For All, please contact our Volunteer Program Coordinator, Dan Johnson at [email protected] or (763) 450-3889. Include your contact information, the name of the organization you represent (if you’re volunteering with an organization), your group’s availability and how many people you expect to participate. We couldn’t do what we do without our amazing volunteers.

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Fare For All partners with community organizations (schools, community centers, faith organizations, etc.) to bring the program to various communities within 75 miles of our warehouse in New Hope. We are not always able to start new sites, but we do keep an active waiting list. If you are interested in bringing Fare For All to your community, please contact Scott Weatherhead at 763-450-4212 or [email protected].


Please let us know if you have comments or questions, need to report a complaint, want to share a positive experience with Fare For All, or have any other feedback. We love to hear from our customers! Contact us by phone at 763-450-3880 or by email at [email protected].